The Ultimate Portable Laptop Stand

The Ultimate Portable Laptop Stand

August 18, 2017 0 Comments

Hello, friends and colleagues!

Last time around I talked you through the top 10 office essentials for any digital nomad, freelancer or entrepreneurs working from their laptop, split in part 1 and part 2.

However, after publishing the post, a friend brought a pretty amazing tool to my attention. The ULTIMATE portable, foldable, lightweight laptop stand:



The Roost allows you to actually elevate your laptop up to your eye level (way more than any other portable stand) and does not take any space in your bag. I was hooked and went straight to buy one.

However, since the Roost is only available on, shipping comes with expenses (over 40 EUR). It put me off. Sorry, guys.

After spending hours on and, I found (almost) the same model by a different company. Clearly, they have taken a few hints from the Roost...



As much as I hate copycats and love to reward innovation and great ideas with my money, I just wasn't ready to spend that much on shipping fees on top of the product price tag. I ended up buying the Nextstand and am very happy with my purchase.


Here is a review of the 2 (originally posted under the Roost Amazon product page).

These are the links to the Amazon product pages (US / UK):




When folded, the Nexstand is about 1” longer than the Roost, and slightly thicker. This means the Roost is more compact than the Nexstand, and for me that is a bonus - the extra inch that I save in my bag means I can stuff an extra pair of socks in that space!

When expanded though, the Nexstand’s extra inch of length makes a big difference in that it appears considerably larger than the Roost. It suggests the Nextstand can hold a thicker or wider laptop than the Roost, but the Roost is still very capable despite its smaller size. The Nexstand comes with extra clips for thinner laptops.


Both come with a soft carry pouch. Some may not consider this a big deal, but its good to carry the stand in a pouch to avoid it scratching other devices or getting caught on cables. I personally love the subtle logo of the Roost bag, and really dislike the blatant branding of the Nexstand bag.


The laptop is held in place on the stand by the front clamps. It’s an ingenious design and well executed that prevents the laptop from slipping off even when you tilt the stand. However, as the front clamps are the point of contact with the laptop, I wanted to make sure that the clamp would not scratch my laptop. Here the Roost provides the better quality material, using rubber front padding whereas the Nexstand’s clamp is purely plastic. That would seem to make the Roost the more favorable option, but then I notice that the Roost’s plastic back has a middle plastic ridge sticking out (see red arrow on image 4) - perhaps the result of the manufacturing process or a quality control issue?. I don’t think it will scratch the laptop but it’s irritating, especially compared to the Nexstand’s smooth surface. Also it should be noted that the Nexstand clamp looks to be capable of holding thicker laptops than the Roost.


The back of your laptop sits on the rear back rests. This is the secondary point of contact between the stand and the laptop. Just like the front clamps, I want to make sure nothing scratches my laptop. With the Roost, the back rest is covered with a long rubber pad that will gently support the laptop, whereas the Nexstand has skimped here with just a small pad that isn’t even the full width of the bar. You can of course stick some electrical tape there if you want reassurance but the Roost clearly wins here.


The front legs of the stand touch the table/surface and holds the laptop weight. To prevent the stand slipping around, the Roost has rubber padding that works excellently to keep the stand stable. The Nexstand is just smooth plastic and whilst the stand does remain stable when pushed, it can slide more freely on the table surface. Roost wins here.



Both the Roost and Nexstand are excellent, solidly built stands that will hold your laptop steady.

I'm very happy with the Nextstand, but would have preferred the Roost for its compact size, sleeker design and rubber pads.

The Nexstand’s price represents excellent value and there’s nothing really negative about its quality, so if price is important to you, or you have a really large thick laptop, go with the Nexstand. The Roost provides extra luxuries such as rubber paddings and a more compact frame, but for the price it’s slightly more difficult to justify - if the price point doesn’t bother you then the Roost certainly represents a more “upgraded” model.


Do you have one of these laptop stands, or others? Let me know in the comments!