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Get relevant, personal & local offline marketing for the price of breakfast. 

We know that’s cliché… but as a freelancer you’re always hustling for new work.  Always on the hunt for new clients to grow your business. Everybody’s always talking about the internet. ”Market yourself online”, they say. Don’t get us wrong. We love the internet and working online!  But online is a pretty big place.  There’s a lot of noise and distractions on the net… who doesn’t love cute cat videos? 

"Freelancer At Work is the perfect partner to make yourself recognizable wherever you want! Just get a decal, place it on top of your laptop, tablet or planner, and let the world know about your business.

Thanks to Freelancer At Work I've shown thousands of people what I do on trains, planes and coffee shop. Plus, my macbook looks amazing with the sticker on it!"

Eugenia Durante 
Translator, copywriter & journalist | Bologna (Italy)

"The Freelancer at Work project is simply amazing and unique. Since I sticked it on my laptop people haven't stopped asking me about the work I most love to do: translation.

A wonderful opportunity to tell them what it means to work in this business and a better opportunity to let them know how they could improve their businesses with your services. [Read full review here]

Marie-Claire Cruz
Translator & Interpreter | Las Palmas, Spain

Now you can market to potential clients – and connect with other freelancers – wherever you go!

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Stand out from the crowd in public spaces and connect with people in person. Whether you're a programmer, designer, translator, marketer, writer or any other kind of freelancer – there is a decal for everyone. 

Offline marketing has never been easier – don’t let the amazing opportunities and people around you pass you by!

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