The translation sales handbook



Author: Luke Spear

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 211

Details: --
A roadmap to higher rates, better clients:
Proven strategies to find new and higher-paying clients, and to convert existing clients to higher-payers
No doubt you’ve experienced your next project arriving minutes after the last. As the last few weeks of non-stop project requests continue, you wonder when you will be able to actually stop and breathe for a minute. This treadmill of projects makes you a living, but leaves you no time to live. It’s enough to smother a business; or at least the person running it.

If you had a plan to streamline your business, to continually improve the rates and deadlines of these projects as the months went by, you could start to look forward to spending more time living and less time working. This book offers a whole approach, a roadmap, to put you on that path.

- Leaving money on the table (that you hadn’t seen before)

I’ve spent the last few years reading and talking to sales and marketing consultants in other freelance professions, and learning the latest techniques they use to find clients, both online and offline. I’ve also studied the marketing plans and tactics of startups from Silicon Valley to Berlin, many of whom have shared their successes in countless blog posts and discussions online, and have applied the most suitable of these to our business of translation. They have enabled me to consistently generate high volumes of freelance work with capacity to spare. Even if you’re already generating enough income from your translation practice, yet can find little time for much else, then this approach will help you to restore that balance between work and life.

- You’re more in control of your rates than you realise

After reading this book you’ll be able to immediately raise your working rate by up to double in some cases by employing the strategies used by some of the world’s top freelance and consulting businesses.

You will have actionable steps to take via a checklist to make sure you’ve covered everything needed to boost your income or improve your work/life balance.
After reading this book, you will be able to:

Confidently justify a higher rate
Make your website work harder for you
Save money on ‘SEO experts’ through DIY SEO
Streamline your sales approach
Position yourself to find the best clients
Use productivity tools to grow faster
Measures to ensure maximum data security
12 established translators interviewed on their strategies
The risks and benefits of outsourcing for growth
Work your way to higher rates and better clients systematically with the roadmap
Use the reader-only calculator to set a rate for growth and run different scenarios*

*Not your average calculator. This one takes account of spare working capacity, based on your words per hour and hours worked per day. This tells you how much your current and hypothetical rates will allow you to grow and save as you require, and how any productivity improvements will affect your total potential income.

What the readers say:

“A valuable addition to the literature.” – Oliver Lawrence

“Clearly something that was missing from the translation publications market. A sales, marketing and pricing book appropriate (finally!) mainly for seasoned translators.” – Catherine Christaki (Linguagreca)

“One of the most practically useful of all the translation/business books I have read.” – Nicola Hawkesford

“Practical advice that’s easy to relate to and use right away. Many of the tips were new to me, and I have read quite a few business books and translator books already. I highly recommend all translators to take a look at it.” – Tess Whitty

“I’ve read many of the books available on freelance translation from a business perspective, and yours is by far the best that I have come across.” – Liam Curley

PS - This book is also available to be read in full on Luke Spear's website, alongside these more convenient PDF/Kindle formats

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